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It is natural that the life of an ordinary gay man takes place, for the most part, in a heterosexual environment. For the majority of gay men whose homosexuality is kept secret from others, this usually does not cause problems. More precisely, such gay men have one problem - not to stand out, to make their homosexuality invisible. In most cases, this is not difficult. Unless sometimes especially meticulous neighbors can ask why not girls go to such a guy, but guys.

Or employees at work hint that it's time for their thirty-five-year-old colleague to marry, joke about him about this. Such a  gay online™  or lesbian woman has to be constantly ready so as not to pretend to be an awkward phrase, joke on time, etc. It is curious that often the horror of gays before possible exposure makes them greatly exaggerate such an opportunity.

Society is so poorly informed about homosexuality, it has such a distorted image of a gay person (lesbian) that, as a rule, it does not occur to anyone who looks like a "normal" looking guy (girl) to associate with homosexuality. You need to have feminine (for the guy) manners, appearance details, so that from the point of view of the resident you are recognized, without other more significant evidence, as "blue." Even if others begin to guess about something, they usually do not believe their own suspicions to the last. Most likely, a gay or lesbian woman will be "declassified" by someone who himself has something to do with it.

It has long been known that being young is not easy. It is doubly difficult for a young man who begins to understand that with his sexual orientation "something is wrong," and even in a society where a negative assessment of this kind of sexuality is widespread. To this is added a lack of information on the topic so necessary for this particular young man. It is impossible to find her, it is impossible to ask anyone where to look for her.

Information about yourself in the profile can be indicated in very detail. In addition to the standard parameters of role, height and weight, there are graphs for education, attitude to religion, character and hobbies, financial situation or the presence of neighbors living with you. And that's just part of the list.